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Connect Bristol

Own Your Internet

Community Owned Fiber Optic Infrastructure

The Goals of Connect Bristol


Bristol City leaders are working with a consulting firm to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a city owned fiber-optic network to provide internet access.  As part of this process, City leaders want to determine the public's interest in this project.


The following principles and objectives are guiding this process: 


1.   Nobody will be forced to participate. Subscription will be on a voluntary, opt-in basis.

2.  The ongoing operation of the network must be self-sustaining and not dependent on any kind of subsidy from the City of Bristol.

3.  The City may contribute a nominal amount to get the network started – but only if that amount can be paid back to the City over a short period of time. 


The Primary goals for this initiative include the following: 


> Lower the cost of internet access for residents and businesses.

> Significantly increase the speed and reliability of internet access.

> Increase competition - giving residents and businesses multiple options for Internet Service Providers (4 – 5 new options).

> Build a state-of-the-art network that will improve economic development and foster innovation.

> Leverage the network to improve the services provided in the City including public safety, transportation, healthcare, education, emergency communications, and new services that will become possible with advanced network infrastructure.


City leaders want your feedback.  Please take a few minutes to view the short informational video below.  After viewing the video, please take the brief survey along with submitting any questions you may have regarding this project using the link below. Answers to all questions will be compiled and shared with the community on this website along with the survey results about the community's feedback of establishing a city-owned fiber-optic network.

Connect Bristol Explained in 3 Minutes

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